Wedding cake toppers by Nicola

Nicola Hyland - The Cake Topper Company

I have always been quite creative and wanted a career which would allow me to pursue my artistic side, in fact, my dad would argue that my first company began when I used to make homemade birthday cards as a child and write “Nic’s Card World” on the back.  I studied animation in college and have dabbled in graphic design too.  I also dipped my toe into the craft world by learning how to knit and crochet, but, like many who take up this hobby with the best of intentions, there is a half finished baby cardigan lying around somewhere which occasionally gives me the guilties.  

The Cake Topper Company began when a friend of mine asked me to make the cake topper for her wedding.  After the immediate panic of ‘Gaahh! How do you make a cake topper?!’ subsided, I got to work and started experimenting with different materials.  I found I really enjoyed the process of making the topper and felt that maybe this was the creative outlet I had been looking for.  So I threw my (clay)hat in the ring and have been happily employed making brides and grooms, dinosaurs and bees ever since!

Take care and enjoy the site!

Nicola Hyland